Juli Poitras has been designing needlepoint since her mother first taught her to paint more than 40 years ago. Growing up in Dallas, she developed a love of art at an early age. Her mother moved to Carmel in 1970 to open a needlepoint store, and Juli began to design. Her work sold steadily and she became one of their most prolific artists. Today, her unique designs are avidly collected around the world. Juli's studio is located in beautiful Carmel Valley, roughly 120 miles south of San Francisco in Central California.


Devon Nicholson has been involved in the needlepoint industry since 1985 as a painter, designer, business manager, and in marketing for both the wholesale and retail branches of the trade. Her designs are highly prized by discerning needlepointers everywhere. Devon's unique sense of style, combined with an unusual affinity for color, are apparent in each canvas she produces. In addition to her many other interests, including gardening, music and family, she has written, illustrated, and published two childrens books. A native of Northern California, Devon resides in the Sierra foothills of Calaveras County.

JP Needlepoint is a member of The National Needlearts Association and The Needlepoint Group

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